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Surrounding Madrid Cities (Optional Visits)


Panorama Picture of Toledo

The city located on a rocky headland almost totally surrounded by the river Tajo. Toledo is a unique city where three cultures, religions and faith, (Muslim, Hebrew and Christian), lived together in peace for centuries leaving their prints in the shape of culture and monuments (picture from the Toledo-tourism website). 90 km from Madrid in a 1 hour trip.

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Built at a height of over 1,000 meters has received all the official acknowledgments for its artistic richness, and for its crystal clear atmosphere. It is a medieval city in which the Romans left their most impressive feature: the best aqueduct of the world (picture from the Segovia-tourism website). 90 km from Madrid in a 1 hour trip.

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SPECIAL Spain Visit (Post-Conference Optional Visit)

Santiago de Compostela – Holy Year – Pilgrim Route

Picture of the camino

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is a deep spiritual experience of meditation, physical effort, communion with nature and brotherhood with mankind. The discovery of the tomb of the Apostle James, the brother of John the Evangelist took place around the second decade of the 9th century and was the logical end of a tradition that, after Jesus´s death, placed St. James the Greater as an evangelizer in the land of ancient Hispania. The Calixtinus Codex and the Legenda Aurea tells the story of the transportation of the beheaded body of the saint and the miraculously arrival to the coast of Galicia where it was buried.

Almost eight hundred years later a hermit was erected by Alfonso II in what was supposed to be the burial place. The pilgrimage to Santiago soon became the most outstanding and most profoundly experienced religious phenomenon of the Middle Ages, a fact that was recognized by the European Parliament, which designated the Way the First European Cultural Itinerary, and by Unesco, which declared it a World Heritage route.

Map of Spain (click for bigger version) Photo of the City of Santiago

You can follow it in all the ways you can imagine, but the most appropriated is on foot or by bicycle. There are many ways that throughout Europe take to the way. One of the most followed is the French brand that takes in an unforgettable trip of almost 800 km from Roncesvalles to Santiago.You will cross mountains, valleys, endless plains, villages, cities. You will see almost countless Romanesque churches till you get there, Santiago de Compostela.

And now, the characteristic greeting of the pilgrims: -Buen Camino- (have a good way).

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